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  • Otiumberg meets...FoxWolf Productions

    Otiumberg meets...FoxWolf Productions

    It's not often you come across two young women as passionate and as driven as Caroline and Miriam, the two fresh minds behind FoxWolf Productions. The team caught our attention with their recent commission surrounding the Syrian Refugee Crisis, which offers a refreshingly humanistic and personal insight into the issue. We managed to sit down with the pair during a recent stint in London.
  • Otiumberg meets...Tuza Jewelry

    Otiumberg meets...Tuza Jewelry

    Trained in both Mexico and London, Suzzan Atala blends her Mexican, Lebanese and American roots into her designs. Atala employs sculptural techniques to define her mexican heritage, fusing together diverse cultural signifiers to create the Tuza Jewelry collection. New to Otiumberg, we set off to her studio in the Lower East Side to hear more.
  • Otiumberg meets...Olga of 12:04

    Otiumberg meets...Olga of 12:04

    Today the internet is full of blogs and the term "content" is thrown around constantly - what's the secret to creating a successful blog and online persona that stands out form the crowd? Otiumberg heads to San Fran to meet the Art Director whose blog Twelveofour brings a refreshing aesthetic and unique point of view to the online blogging landscape.
  • Otiumberg meets...Truss NYC

    Otiumberg meets...Truss NYC

    Created in 2013 by Elise Durbecq and Gillian Tozer, TRUSS collaborates with small business owners and weavers in the Oaxaca region to produce custom accessories. Now stocking in Barney's, Net-a-Porter and Colette, Truss Bags are the must have summer accessory. Otiumberg set off to New York to meet with co-founder Gillian to learn about the rich Mexican tradition that informs these bold and beautiful designs, and understand more about the brand's work in the preservation and growth of Oaxaca’s artisanal trade.
  • Otiumberg meets...Georgia's Vintage, NYC

    Otiumberg meets...Georgia's Vintage, NYC

    Despite being hedged in by three of New York's priciest areas: China Town remains a neighborhood true to its original character. Once the stomping grounds to a young English 13-year old named Georgia, the area is now home to her first solo venture, a charming vintage store that goes by the same name. Enticed in by the curated rails of flares and florals, we had to find out the story behind this inspiring woman and increasingly popular vintage gem.
  • Otiumberg hits NYFW

    Otiumberg hits NYFW

    Fashion followers rejoice - the international fashion weeks are well underway. New York Fashion Week has certainly set the bar rather high for London, Paris and Milan. We’re taking a look back at some of the highlights from the metropolitan city’s seasonal shows.
  • Otiumberg meets...Kirsty of I&I Jewellery

    Otiumberg meets...Kirsty of I&I Jewellery

    As part of the on-going series, Otiumberg Magazine heads to meet the London-based designer who tells us about her Indian influences, inspiration, top picks and of course in true Otiumberg style, the role models who helped her achieve such growing success and recognition.
  • Petra Collins: Freeing the Female Body

    Petra Collins: Freeing the Female Body

    At the young age of 22 Petra Collins is a voice of a generation, a generation that has given us the concept of gender identity and opened up the conversation surrounding the definition of female empowerment.
  • Single Studs is the One Big Trend

    Single Studs is the One Big Trend

    Unsurprisingly, we get pretty excited about the newest jewellery trends here at Otiumberg, but this latest one has got us absolutely in love. Enter the solo stud.
  • Otiumberg meets...Bionda Castana

    Otiumberg meets...Bionda Castana

    Founded in 2007 by Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman, luxury shoe brand Bionda Castana perfectly blends London-cool with Italian craftsmanship and expertise. In anticipation of our Pop-up event at their flagship store, Otiumberg Magazine heads down to meet the brains and beauty behind the brand.
  • Otiumberg hits LFW 2016

    Otiumberg hits LFW 2016

    Once New York had shown the fashion world what it had to offer, it was time for London to step up to the plate, and they certainly did not disappoint.
  • Diamonds are Forever

    Diamonds are Forever

    A slogan coined in 1947 changed the diamond industry forever. We certainly can’t see them going out of style any time soon. Timeless, elegant and aspirational – diamonds carry so much powerful symbolism and meaning within societies all over the world. Otiumberg explores the past, present and future of the stone we so adore.
  • The Art of Necklace Layering Explained

    The Art of Necklace Layering Explained

    Here is Otiumberg’s ten tips on layering necklaces, with a few gorgeous pieces from the shop thrown in for good measure..
  • The Women of Sundance

    The Women of Sundance

    Here at the Otiumberg we are all for hearing about women getting the praise they deserve, so when the Sundance festival featured many female creatives this year, we were quite pleased.
  • Jewellery Hotspots – Los Angeles

    Jewellery Hotspots – Los Angeles

    New York has always been the fashion hub of the US, however, particularly in the world of fine jewellery, recently the west coast has experienced a huge upsurge in it’s fashion industry. A host of fabulous jewellery designers have emerged, especially from LA, which now rivals New York as a hotspot for new jewellery talent.
  • Otiumberg Global Gemstones - Iolite

    Otiumberg Global Gemstones - Iolite

    As part of Otiumberg’s Global Gemstone Tour, here is all the info you need on Iolite, the rich, violet blue stone.