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Materials & Care

Our Materials

We are committed to using high quality and long-lasting materials so that each design can be worn with love all day, everyday. We only work with 9ct Gold, Sterling Silver and 14ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. Our diamonds and gemstones are carefully selected for each design and ethically sourced.

9ct Gold

Solid gold is an extremely durable material that does not easily oxidise or discolour. Our 9ct gold is 375 parts raw gold out of 1000 (that's why you'll see the little mark 375 on your design). Our solid gold alloy is mixed with Cooper, Zinc and Silver - all of which add to the characteristics of the alloy such as its soft gold hue and high durability.

Care: Even the strongest of metals need some loving care. We recommend using warm water with a soft cloth or toothbrush to maintain the gold's original shine. Always avoid using any abrasive jewellery cleaners that may contain damaging chemicals or polishing agents.

14ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

Vermeil is a much thicker layer of gold than standard gold plating, meaning its colour will last much longer.To be considered vermeil, the gold must be high quality (at least 9 carats) applied on a Sterling Silver core, with a minimum thickness of 2.5 micrometres. Our vermeil uses 14-carat gold on sterling silver to ensure our pieces - if cared for correctly - will have long-lasting colour.

Care: To best care for your piece, be sure to store gold vermeil in an airtight container or a lined jewellery bag - and remove before showering, exercising or applying lotions. To clean vermeil, gently buff the metal with a soft and dry cotton or microfiber cloth. Avoid using chemical cleaners that can strip the gold finish.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper (That's why you see the 925 mark on these designs). For even more protection against tarnishing, our team plates the silver with an anti-tarnish solution and rhodium.

Care: The simplest way to care for your silver is to wear it often! That's right, the natural oils in your skin help reduce silver's oxidisation. Otherwise, be sure to store the silver in an airtight bag and avoid water contact where possible.


We use a refined selection of precious and semi-precious stones all of which have their own unique beauty, story and provenance.

Care: Gemstones greatly dislike harsh cleaners and water, so be sure to avoid lotions, potions and scents that can be unsympathetic on jewellery. We advise taking gemstone jewellery off before showering or exercise. Keep gemstones out of the direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause their colour to fade. And finally, store gemstones separately to avoid them bashing into each other.


Diamonds are composed of pure carbon, which means they are one of the most durable stones known to man. We make sure our diamonds are ethically sourced from suppliers who follow strict social responsibility guidelines.

Care: Although diamonds are a very tough stone, they can still chip from a hard fall or blow. Store diamond jewellery away safely - ideally individually in our Otiumberg boxes provided with each order. To clean your diamonds, use warm soapy liquid and a soft toothbrush. Be sure to dry the stone afterwards so that no soapy residue remains.